Academic notes – Social Media and Employee Engagement

So, this Tuesday is a slight break from the routine, with a reference to a long post which I have done on my Linkedin profile. A connection between social media access and employee mentoring, the piece talks about how the same can be leveraged to benefit employees and enhance productivity.

Here’s a glance:

What’s common amid offices from San Francisco to Gurgaon, London to Dalal Street? The employees are all plugged in to their favourite social network – be it a sneak peek into their Facebook, a tiny rant on Twitter, a quick selfie for Instagram or Snapchat or, after appraisals – a quick update on LinkedIn. While most organisations call these a waste of time (as documented in this 2013 Forbes column), can it help in retaining employees too?

Read to know more.


  1. Very well written and a good thought for discussion.

    Probably you referred to a very old report, social has changed the way people are taking their life, from HR recruiters checking social profiles for good team managers, Jobs are applied for with social profile, Behavioral studies are done basis the tweets, posts, discussions etc,
    from what to eat to updating the world what i am eating, from where to go to where i am , to dos and not to dos , I think Facebook at work , linkedin links in resumes are one progressive way it is accepted.
    People flaunt there work like never before these days ..

    so i look forward for more from you


    1. Thanks for that – the piece in question was for an HR perspective on how can mentorship programs be initiated by employers through existing social networks, instead of being clubbed under larger enterprise solutions like Workday, SuccessFactors or even core organisational platforms, like the one at IBM, Deloitte or Daimler Trucks. However, as you rightly point, Facebook at Work is already progressing as an efficient intra-organisational plane.

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