5 Best Herbal Reds for Indian Skin

Nearly a year later – I begin again with this collaboration with a wise friend.

I explored a naughty pleasure – Red lipsticks, specifically herbal red lipsticks which would go well for Valentine’s Day date.

The Woman Co

Written by Vidhi Maingi Gaur

Summers are here and as we dive into our closets and pull out the most tantalizing dresses – the romantic skirts and those figure-hugging silhouettes for an evening out it takes something more than that to complete the picture and make it stand out. A perfect, red stained pout, certainly.

A red lipstick may seem like a call to arms if you, like me, are the kind who prefers to stay nude (no, not in that sense) or make do with a simple, glossy, lip balm. But wait – it has its perks. The simple red lipstick is an upper in all senses, with researchers claiming that a dash of the colour makes wearers seem more confident and in control. You might have simply not found the right red tone lipstick for yourself – till now.

So, this is our in-house compilation of the top…

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