Gaurang Shah pulls in Vidya Balan on stage at LFW

A saxophone filled the gap for the vocals on ‘Kuch Na Kaho’ while regally majestic ladies took restive, barefoot steps on the white ramp, pausing just so slightly, after each and everyone. And while my heart soared at the uniquely Indian textiles which dominated the stage, I couldn’t help but notice the lady in pink, who studiously inspected every garment on display.

With an elegant fist supporting her chin, her eyes drank the details one by one – from the Khadi that carried the Kalpvriksha motif to the kurtas and loose pants. The sarees that were light in fabric and essence to the heavily embroidered blouses in Chandheri. Chikenkari to Phulkari and Kalamkari – all set in contrast with pastel hues from the Jamdani weavers in Andhra Pradesh and Bangladesh.

As the show came to a close and the models came for a curtain call, Gaurang Shah walked out, shyly seeking her hand to accompany him on the long journey on the ramp to the pit, to a thunderous applause. And she did with a confident smile, draped in an elegantly pink drape herself.

A model walking for Gaurang Shah

Vidya Balan took the ramp for Gaurang Shah. However, the humble Jamdani weave, serenaded by a saxophone, remained the star for the show.

Originally published on AskMeOnFashion

PDF version: Gaurang Shah pulls in Vidya Balan on stage at LFW _ Askme on Fashion


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