Veggie Shopping, Courtesy Aartivijay Gupta


What happens when your freshies spill into your wardrobe? That was a question I received an answer to, while watching designer Aartivijay Gupta’s collection, ‘Mandi’, up for your gourmet delight on Day 5 of the Lakme Fashion Week (Winter / Festive) 2015.

Fresh produce dominated prints from Aartivijay.

With vegetable prints placed cleverly atop striped, black and white, checked black and white as well as brown tartan-reminiscent prints, these certainly stood apart from the bridal palettes on one end and experimental, western styles on the other. The collection featured both menswear and womenwear, accompanied by accessories like lace-up shoes, block heels in white, brown and black and wicker boxes for bags.

As far as representing the vegetable and fruit market went, Aartivijay ensured complete democracy. Apples, gourds, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, bananas, strawberries, pears and cucumbers were all there. The print on print work extended beyond the vegetable basket and showcased two designs in particular, that were more floral in nature. A midi-length dress with an overcoat with soft branches in the print and a jacket with the same plant-like print on a cream, parchment colour background, worn above a brown and white checked kurta and white, printed pants.

Coat-blouse saree from Artivijay Gupta.

The collection included garments that can be described as daily and work wear – big, pleated skirts, work-wear shirts, trench coats, jumpsuits and dresses. There was also a coatblouse style saree.

Overall, the prints from Aartivijay Gupta’s couture collection can be the ephemeral pop required to perk up your day and even motivate you for a quick bite!


PDF version: Veggie shopping, courtesy Aartivijay Gupta _ Askme on Fashion


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