Diwali Celebrations: The School Edition

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Diwali is almost here, and if memory serves me right, school students seem to have it pretty good when it comes to celebrating it. From rowdy students up to no good with their explosive antics to eccentric, artistic ones putting on a great show, Diwali is one of the best memory trips from this time period.

Diwali Melas:

It's time for some shopping. (Image courtesy: Indigo Posts)

Image Source: https://indigoposts.files.wordpress.com

Diwali melas, are common in almost every school and are organized by the faculty. It provides an opportunity for the students and their guardians to shop for fancy diyas along with other home decorations for Diwali. Temporary stalls are put up inside the school campus, exhibiting art and craft prepared by the students. And guess what? All proceeds are then donated to charity or are used to fund school trips.

School trips

Trips with Friends that you will never forget. (Wiki Commons)

Image Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org

Students take their school trips very seriously — it’s the great escape from boring and mundane classes, as well as the daily grind. And to celebrate Diwali, they want nothing more than to go on a fun and long trip with their school-mates. With Diwali vacations just around the corner, some schools are actually nice enough to take their students on a short trip!

SUPW Charity Work:

Helping others.

Image Source: http://i0.wp.com

SUPW classes are meant to be socially productive, and what’s more productive than making ‘diyas’ and candles with your friends and gifting them to the poor. With this thought in mind, students organize workshops and create many such Diwali items that can be gifted to the needy to help them celebrate Diwali as well. After all isn’t helping those in need the best way to celebrate the festival of lights?

Decoration campaign

Time for renovation. (Image courtesy: 3BP)

Image: Time for renovation

Image Source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com

Well, what’s Diwali without a little bit of decoration? Schools catch up on that as well, courtesy inter-class competitions and enthusiastic students. Although, students might not be permitted to do the more risky decorations but their help is always appreciated by the school. Plus, students do love to get down and dirty in enterprises like these!

Cultural Programs

Them moves! (Image courtesy: Confort Voyages)

Image Source: http://www.confortvoyages.com

What celebration is complete without a little song and dance, right? Well, for the school Diwali celebration, students along with their teachers, organize full-fledged cultural programs to entertain and imbue the whole school with the spirit of the festivity. Students enact mythical plays, conduct singing and dancing competitions and games like treasure hunts, which includes the entire school, and helps them getting into the festival mood beforehand.

Find out how awesome school students have it, even before their actual vacation, they still have a lot of ways to celebrate Diwali in school. But unfortunately, these audacious, fun and nostalgic activities can only be done while you’re still in school

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