OLD RECORDS: Easy Come, Easy Go: Board Exam Tips

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As soon as you enter class 12th, everyone around you has only one thing on their mind; board exams!

Whether you are an average student or the class topper, you know you need to score a 90% (or even more!) to get into your favourite college. Pulling an all-nighter becomes a norm and group studies become a big no-no (because you know it’s just a waste of time!). All of this leads to only one thing – stress.

Keeping this in mind, we give you 5 tips to beat exam stress.

1. Schedule your entire day:

Check, Check, Check!

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Studying for board exams is no piece of cake (no matter how much we want it to be).

You need to cover the whole syllabus and revise too (yes, that’s a thing). After all, you need to get into that college of your dreams, isn’t it? While planning your schedule, take time for all the subjects, revision as well as breaks. You don’t need to study the whole day, so take breaks too!

Watch television or read a book (though I doubt whether you would be interested in any more reading), but make sure your break time is less than your study time (which most of us weren’t able to do!).

To know more, have a look at this great study guide from Study and Exam.

2. Get your Sleep Schedule straight:

Have a goodnight

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After a whole day of studying different subjects (with breaks of course!), you need to get a goodnight’s sleep. Seven hours of sleep is a must to give your mind proper rest, which in turn would help you in memorising facts and figures. Studying all night is a bad idea as you will end up feeling tired. So make sure you get plenty of sleep or you might end up taking a nap in the exam next day.

In fact, if you’re up for it, experiment with your sleep cycles to find which suits your needs better.

3. Vigorous exercise

Stay active to study

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“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” Well, there is some truth in this famous saying after all.

Contrary to the popular belief, exercising during exams is actually not a waste of time. Along with your mind, your physical self also needs some cooling off. After all, studying and taking notes all day long can make you tired (and even lazy). A half hour worth of exercise like jogging or even a brisk walk will freshen your mind and body to go back and deal with the self-inflicted prison that we call as studying.

4. No Mugging

Say no to cramming

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Many students believe in the art of mugging up. They would rather cram the whole chapter a night before, without understanding the concept and just spill out their guts (literally) on the ‘supplementary’ sheets. This is not a healthy idea as you don’t learn anything. Plus, there is always a risk of forgetting on the D-day, and that’s a scary thought. So take help from your seniors or teachers if you can’t understand anything instead of stressing over the subject.

5. Music

Have a song to match your learning needs.

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You have heard this time and again, but I will still repeat myself, listening to music relieves you from stress. As a student (who is about to write their board exams), the stress can seriously take over your mind, and that is when music comes to the rescue. In this case, I’m not talking about EDM or trance music, but psychedelic tracks, as that relaxes you and brings down your stress level. And believe me, with Pink Floyd blaring through your earphones, your concentration levels will be on another level.

With all things being said and done, it’s just an exam. And though people may tell you to study hard as if your life depends on it, just put your worries on back burner and say “All is well” and go for it.

originally published on askmeoneducation

PDF version: Easy Come, Easy Go_ Board Exam Tips _ Askmeoneducation


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