About Me

Ideas and connections and how they’re relevant to people – that’s what makes me tick. Targeted idea generation, specifically through digital copy (blogs, articles, scripts, banners, images or otherwise) is what I do, though working towards a big goal is a key driver.

A workaholic, content copy hack by profession, I spend my days living out my job and striving to balance towards my home life – an angelic devil, who’s turned my days around, a man I’m delighted to call my equal half and a second mother, apart from my own. Sisters, brothers and soul sisters complete this circle.

The Professional Slice:

Starting as a trainee sub-editor in news, I was constantly looking at how my copy would connect with someone, be it in politics, economics, city, education or lifestyle. Experimentation with social exchanges brought me professionally to Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. Yet, simply creating creatives wasn’t exciting enough.

In the meantime, I also followed through as a night owl newsreader with All India Radio, reading the night bulletins for the domestic as well as overseas audiences for more than a year.

Back to the day job – having dealt with content copy for social – be it as images, text or video; campaign banners or the need for them, it was my next job that gave me space to align these with experiences in editing, drafting news content and writing articles.

Currently, I’ve put writing aside to shape the talents of my core team at OYO, as we try to work the US market based out of India.

Before this, I used to pen and edit lifestyle and education copy for a lifestyle-based editorial team. I am at home with hunting for first-hand, research driven answers for the right users. I have, in fact, a bent of mind to parenting, education and learning, through experience-driven content; be it media consumption, wellness, food and people stories.

On the side, I consume a huge amount of content. I read on media, on marketing, mythologies and history. I watch explainers to trends, rom-coms to historicals, drama to sci-fi and horror, travelogues to food diaries. I follow feeds on YouTube and Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn. I listen to audio books, playlists and sing-along to Coldplay, Nirvana and even Adele.

Personal Slices:

The personal for me has been a tight-knit world; one consisting of a loud but bone-crushingly close family of 4, 6, 9 and now 15 over-the-top personalities; including me.

An angelic partner and a gifted daughter complete me and are people who make things matter. A wise beyond years mom and pest of a dog form the larger framework for day-on-day affairs.

Remain thankful in outlook and largely settled towards acquiring knowledge and positivity from all sources around me. In my case, it’s absolutely needed, as I am a bigger worry-wort than most people around. Though love to connect with interesting people at all levels, usually can’t stand fakeness or people who find their happiness in bitching about others.

The way ahead: Doing something of my own in experiential, first-hand, quality content in the laid out arena; be it in news, research or blogs. Or open an Anda-Maggi stall – that’s a goldmine too!

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