Binge Watch Mommy

Fascinated by moving pictures, I have always held a passion for shows, series, movies and more. And with my dependence on Netflix, Prime and Hotstar, that’s been an itch that I continue to scratch again and again.

Here I review some of my recent shows, all through a clear, Mommy angle (and no I’m not talking about whether I’d recommend them to my/your kids)!


Imagine walking into a painted rendition of Guru Dutt’s epic ‘Sahib, Biwi Aur Ghulam’, where the Zamindar women are expected to live the glam life and not be heard. Bulbul, with each high-detailed frame and colour, is that picture, trying to pitch in a feminine femme fatal, a wronged woman.

Backwards feet, all-knowing smiling eyes!

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It’s not easy – facing the balancing game as a working mum. However, few get into the realm of this debate from the perspective of the working dad – especially when it is an Indian working dad.

We’ve often seen our fathers return home late, drown their days in cigarettes, pegs and water cooler conversations. To see this reflected on the screen automatically makes this fast-paced drama a part of our lives. Add the extra layer of the inner dilemmas of a family man and father to the mix and play that with a gripping narrative on an OTT service – you have the ready recipe for a binge-watch!

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Conceptualised by Mayank Sharma, The Amazon Prime Video Breathe series is a mature version with shades of Dexter, focusing on why a desperate father (played by R.Madhavan) decides to go a killing spree, all for the love of his dying son. On the other end, a troubled cop (Amit Sadh) begins the chase after his instincts tell him that there’s more to a host of organ donors ending up dead.

Read this first and watch, if you haven’t done so already!