We met, accidentally. And then it seemed fated. I was naturally drawn to it; with a thirst to know more and more. Meanwhile, there were few who actually get it, preferring the flash and flamboyance of others.

Education is the beat reserved for newbies – the interns fresh from grad school, who are made to run around the block to get their pieces together. However, what works for me here is that I naturally love learning – I like to know what to do and how to do it, how things can be made better and how you can drive the most out of anything.

Here are a select few of the pieces that I have worked on, which fall under the learning domain:

The case of 2+2: My Take On Homeschooling In India


Homeschooling is not an easy road. It requires a huge amount of patience, time and effort from parents as well as children. It’s also a test in faith. Your faith — in yourself, in your decision and in your child. Read more.

Budget 2016 – The Education Edition

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Ever since the Narendra Modi government took power, there has been a consistent focus on building our massive manpower into a skilled and multi-talented youth populace. With focus on Make In India and skilled development, a lot was expected from Budget 2016 in terms of education. This is a gist for what came out of  it

PDF version: Budget 2016 – The Education Edition _ Askmeoneducation.

Easy Come, Easy Go: Board Exam Tips

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As soon as you enter class 12th, everyone around you has only one thing on their mind; board exams!

Whether you are an average student or the class topper, you know you need to score a 90% (or even more!) to get into your favourite college. Pulling an all-nighter becomes a norm and group studies become a big no-no (because you know it’s just a waste of time!). All of this leads to only one thing – stress.

Keeping this in mind, we give you 5 tips to beat exam stress.

PDF version: Easy Come, Easy Go_ Board Exam Tips _ Askmeoneducation

What to expect: Jaipur Literature Festival 2016

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Celebrating writers, prose, conversations and the written world, the Jaipur Literature Festival serves as a canvas for ideas and dialogue. Nobel Laureates, Man Booker winners to debuting writers step up to discuss books, society and paradoxes with each other and avid readers.

4 Reasons Why TechFest15 is a Fitting End to 2015

10 Mind-blowing Wall Art Pieces we saw at Techfest 2015, IIT Bombay

What happens when boys (and girls) who love their toys, come together in the name of all things tech? The TechFest at IIT Bombay! Spanning over the last weekend of 2015, the Powai based IIT Bombay Techfest had it all – Cars, Bikes, Robots, Hackathons, Games and coding marathons. Plus, intrigued minds and the spirit of innovation in the very air they breathe.

DIWALI CELebrations: the school edition

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Diwali is almost here, and if memory serves me right, school students seem to have it pretty good when it comes to celebrating it. From rowdy students up to no good with their explosive antics to eccentric, artistic ones putting on a great show, Diwali is one of the best memory trips from this time period.

Google worthy Career Lessons from #AskSundar


“…Be Allowed to Take risks”, underlined Sundar Pichai, when asked on how Indian education should change to build minds (read students) worthy of endeavours like Google. A big statement indeed, considering that most of us hope to end up either at Alphabet (the company behind the Search behemoth) or hope for a workplace with benefits like it.

Read more about what lessons you can take home from the session.